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The SEQAEP project is designed to enhance the quality of education at the secondary education level in Bangladesh by facilitating access to information through quality teaching materials and audio-visual demo of classes to teachers and students. The goal is to bring the entire project upazilas into internet accessibility to facilitate the performance of various activities of SEQAEP.

The principal role and activities of the SEQAEP are laid down in the constitution. The core function can be divided into 15 different modules, in the light of these module the functions of SEQAEP can be automated via WEB based MIS software solution.

Bangladesh has recorded an impressive progress in poverty reduction and certain human development outcomes. Gross primary enrolment rate is around 90%, secondary enrolment is more than doubled since independence and the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) gender parity target has already been achieved at both the primary (Grade 1-5) and secondary (Grades 6-10) education level. Much of the achievement in the three-fold increase in overall secondary enrolments and seven-fold increase in female component in 1980 has been a result of successful expansion of the private sector via supply side incentives and a gender targeted program since the early 1990s.GOB, with IDA’s support, initiated the first Female Secondary School Assistance Project (FSSAP) (1993-2001) where IDA funded implementation in 119 Upazilas, while GOB and other development partners financed the intervention in the remaining Upazilas.

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